Make life simpler for you and your customers!

Would you like to increase your turnover and improve your cash flow, all with a guarantee of getting paid?

By offering your customers Swissbilling payment solutions, you can increase your sales (and your average basket), build customer loyalty and get paid in full at the time of purchase. All this without any additional administration!

Purchase on invoice is the most popular payment method in Switzerland. That’s why we were the first business in Switzerland to develop flexible payment methods based on the “buy now, pay later” principle.

Discover our different solutions

Purchase on invoice

Offer your customers outstanding flexibility by allowing them to make their purchases on invoice and pay within a comfortable time frame.

Purchase on invoice shows that you trust your customers: thanks to Swissbilling, you can demonstrate your faith in them without taking on the risks of non-payment. This is the Swissbilling guarantee!

0% financing

Increase your sales, stand out from your competitors and acquire new customers by offering 0% financing for their purchases.

This type of financing offers your customers outstanding financial flexibility and allows them to purchase expensive goods or services without compromising their cash flow. Your customers will generally be offered 3 to 48 months to pay for their purchase, interest free and at no cost to them. This is an important marketing leverage for you, without the risks of non-payment: when we accept a transaction, we guarantee the payment in all cases (in accordance with our contractual conditions).

Billing as a service

Business Process Outsourcing
and “Invoice-to-cash” solutions

Simplify your accounting processes and free up resources to concentrate on your core business.

We offer you a vast range of services to optimise your invoicing processes and “invoice-to-cash” solutions, including invoicing software, printing and mailing, payment collection, credit control, debt recovery and factoring.

These services are grouped into various modules and allow you to outsource all or part of your invoicing processes, with or without factoring.

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